Edward Cooke Family Law announces new director

01 October 2020
Michelle Lewis

Specialist West Sussex family law practice Edward Cooke Family Law is delighted to announce Michelle Lewis is now a director in the firm.

Michelle joined the firm in January 2019 from a leading regional practice.

Managing Director Edward Cooke said:

“I am really pleased Michelle is now a director in the firm - her promotion is very well deserved. Michelle is an attentive, empathetic and positive person, which are really important qualities in a modern family law professional, who needs to couple technical expertise with a constructive, pro-active approach to resolving issues.”

Michelle assists clients with the full range of issues arising upon separation and divorce, including all financial aspects and child arrangements. As a collaborative lawyer and a mediator, she is fully committed, where possible, to helping clients resolve matters without recourse to the courts although she is also very experienced in handling all forms of family court work.

Michelle is a member of Resolution, the nationwide organisation of nearly 7,000 family law professionals committed to constructive resolution of family law disputes.

Edward said Michelle’s promotion is an important step for the firm, which he founded in June 2018.

He said: “We have plans for further expansion in the practice in the coming months.

“I look forward to working with Michelle in continuing to develop the firm.”