When a relationship breaks down, the impact on children can be profound and long lasting if matters are not handled well.

We are very experienced in supporting parents upon divorce or separation, whether in relation to agreeing ongoing living arrangements, assisting  in agreeing a Parenting Plan or advising in relation to matters relating to parental responsibility issues, such as over a change in schooling, a child’s name or medical treatment.

Upon separation or divorce and subsequently, many issues can arise. These include:

  • Where your children will live and how they will spend time with each parent
  • Questions of parental responsibility, such as where your child will go to school, their medical treatment or name changes
  • Financial issues, such as relating to child maintenance
  • Ongoing parenting roles, successful communication and co-operation
  • International issues, particularly where it is proposed that a child move or travel abroad with a parent
  • Step parents and grandparents’ involvement with the children
  • Prohibited steps orders – see Injunctions and Emergency Remedies

A range of options is available to resolve such issues, including:

Whilst, where possible, we encourage parents to resolve issues without recourse to the courts, there are occasions where a court application is necessary.

In such circumstances, we will provide robust and child-focused advice, aimed at enabling you to reach an agreement in the best interests of your children, taking on board their wishes and feelings where appropriate.

Edward Cooke is a Resolution accredited solicitor with particular specialism in children matters. He is also accredited as a mediator and is qualified to meet with children in mediation. He is a member of Resolution’s national Parenting after Parting Committee, committed to supporting parents find the best ways resolving issues relating to their children upon divorce or separation.

Resolution has an excellent ‘Parenting after Parting’ guide, which provides a huge amount of practical guidance and advice to parents going through separation and divorce.

We also have extensive experience in handling international children cases.  We frequently advise parents in situations where it is proposed that a child moves abroad with one parent or to another part of the UK.

We also advise on cases involving international child abduction and proceedings under the Hague Convention.

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