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Surrogacy law in the UK is complex and, whether you are entering into a surrogacy arrangement here or abroad, you must make an application for a parental order in order to recognised as your child’s legal parents in the UK.

We are able to guide and advise you through the surrogacy process for both domestic and international surrogacy arrangements.

We are happy to assist at any stage of the surrogacy process, but we encourage our clients to get in touch as early as possible in their surrogacy journey so that we can ensure that you have a clear understanding of the surrogacy process and the legal implications of any decisions you may make along the way.

Donor Conception

If you are considering conceiving with a sperm donor then the circumstances at the time of conception will determine who is considered your child’s legal parent. It is really important to make sure that you understand the law in this area, which can be complicated, before conception as there can be lifelong implications for you and your child.

It is often sensible to enter into a donor conception agreement to ensure that each party understands their position in law and your expectations of each other in both the short and long term.

Fertility Law

The medical advances in assisted reproduction over the last 50 years have contributed to the creation of many families, but sometimes the law in this area can be difficult to navigate. We can advise on a number of legal issues in this area, including posthumous conception (when gametes or embryos are used after a persons death) and disputes in relation to stored gametes or embryos.

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