Modern family structures are changing and moving away from the traditional nuclear family and we have the expertise to assist in creating your family or resolving disputes that may arise, whatever the shape or size of your family.

LGBT families

We regularly advise same sex couples and trans parents on their options for the creation of their family, including surrogacy, donor conception and adoption.

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned and you may find yourself dealing with a dispute or family breakdown. We have a wealth of experience working with LGBT clients and can provide specialist advice and guidance to help you achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

Co-parenting agreements

Sometimes, two individuals or couples make a decision to conceive a child and co-parent together. Many families successfully parent in this way, but it is a really good idea to enter into an agreement at the outset so that each party has the same expectations of the arrangement.

If a dispute does arise, we are well placed to provide guidance and support with understanding and empathy.

Blended families and stepparents

Blended families and step-parent relationships can bring untold joy, but also complications. There are some circumstances in which it might be appropriate for a step-parent to acquire parental responsibility for a step-child. Or if a family unit has broken down, there may be a dispute over contact between a child and step-parent, or step-siblings. We can advise you around the creation of your blended family or support you in resolving any dispute that may have arisen.

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We offer meetings (subject to our Covid procedures) at our offices or, if you prefer, appointments by video conferencing including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and other platforms. We have been undertaking online client appointments, remote court hearings, online mediation, conferences and settlement meetings throughout the pandemic and are very familiar with using a wide range of online platforms.

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