Edward Cooke Family Mediation offers hybrid mediation

09 July 2020
Edward Cooke Family Mediation offers hybrid mediation

Edward Cooke Family Mediation, part of Chichester-based family law firm Edward Cooke Family Law, is delighted to be able to offer “hybrid mediation” to family law clients as an additional part of its mediation service.

Director Edward Cooke is now one of fewer than 70 mediators nationwide to have been trained in hybrid mediation by Resolution, the nationwide organisation of family law professionals

An amalgamation of best family law practice and civil mediation principles, hybrid mediation is often used in complex divorce and family cases which involve significant financial resources, as well as high-conflict cases.

Edward said: “Hybrid mediation adopts some aspects of the civil mediation model, for example by involving both parties’ lawyers in mediation sessions on a regular basis.

“It’s vital that people participating in family mediation get the right support in the mediation process.

“Whilst it’s not always the case that they feel the need for their lawyers to attend sessions, their lawyers do always play a very important role alongside mediation, in terms of giving support and advice.”

In the hybrid mediation process, however, lawyers often attend the sessions.

Edward said: “This can be hugely helpful, particularly in more complex or challenging cases, and ensures that the clients get all the support they need, so that the mediation is effective.”

He said very substantial delays are commonplace in the family courts in the current climate.

As such, hybrid mediation offers clients a genuine alternative to lengthy delays in the court process, and to adversarial litigation: “Very few cases cannot be mediated if lawyers are involved in supporting their clients throughout the hybrid mediation process. The process is flexible, safe … and client-focused.”

Meetings can take place either on a shuttle basis, whereby the mediator meets with clients individually with their lawyer, or all-together.

Crucially, in hybrid mediation, the mediator is able to keep confidences.

Edward said: “This is really helpful, as it enables the mediator glean what’s really important to one party - without this having to be divulged to the other party.

“Whilst this isn’t always necessary, it can be a really helpful tool when the parties have reached an impasse.”

For more information about hybrid mediation, please contact Edward Cooke Family Mediation on 01243 769001.