Expert Solicitors Offering Family Law in the South Downs

At Edward Cooke Family Law, we offer legal advice and assistance with family law matters to clients across the South Downs, in Storrington, Pulborough, Petersfield, Midhurst and Petworth. Our specialist firm of family law solicitors and mediators cover aspects of family law ranging from divorce law, family law and collaborative law to family mediation and child mediation.

Navigating Divorce for Clients in the South Downs

Whether you are based in Midhurst, Petworth, Petersfield, Pulborough or Storrington, we offer clear, sensitive and focused professional advice on matters relating to divorce. Our team of family law solicitors are highly proficient and have many years of expertise behind them, equipping them to carefully navigate our clients through a time which we understand can be challenging for all parties.

Speaking to and seeking advice from our family law team is not an unalterable step towards separation or divorce and the possibility of reconciliation is an option throughout the process. However, if this is not possible, you may rest assured that our expert family lawyers will be available to provide support throughout any separation or divorce proceedings.

We will be able to help you determine the most appropriate method of resolving any issues that may arise from the end of your relationship. Where suitable and correct to do so, we will also work with other specialists in family law to attain the most beneficial results for you and your children.

We wholly understand that this may be a painful and challenging time, but you will not be alone. At Edward Cooke Family Law, we will ensure that the legal advice and services you require are tailored to your unique needs and situation. This helps us to work as closely with you as possible, and keeps our work for clients as varied as their own circumstances..

How we will help

Our team is committed to providing clients with professional advice on family law across the South Downs, including in Petersfield, Midhurst, Petworth, Storrington and Pulborough. This guidance is designed for your own needs, guaranteeing that you will receive assistance in a way which resolves matters in the most dignified and constructive way possible. Where children are involved, there will also be a constant and diligent focus on ensuring their best interests are met.

As family law solicitors, we have extensive knowledge of and experience in handling cases. As such, we are more than able to provide you with a full list of services that meet a broad range of requirements. Whether you need assistance with negotiation, mediation, collaborative advice, arbitration or the court process, we will work with you to arrive at the solution which is most beneficial for you.

In most cases, our team is able resolve issues without turning to the courts. However, should court proceedings become necessary, we pride ourselves on our expertise at proactively representing our clients in family court proceedings.

We will assist in resolving financial issues and can help you to establish child arrangements in the event of divorce or separation. Our team is also able to offer help and advice to those in cohabiting relationships, in the event that the relationship breaks down. Additionally, we will also be available to help you prepare cohabitation agreements and pre-nuptial agreements, if you are considering taking the next step in your relationship.

We also provide careful specialist assistance for those who have suffered domestic violence or abuse.

Our team has particular skills and expertise in financial matters, especially in terms of handling high net worth or “big money” cases. These may involve anything from funds relating to business assets to substantial pensions and trusts.

In private law cases which involve children, we can provide a variety of services to suit all specifications and complexities. These include cases which cover surrogacy, same-sex couples and those with an international element.

We are glad to offer a dedicated service for family mediation, as well as provision for meeting children during the mediation process. We are also proud of the services we provide in cooperation with other family law specialists during mediation and the collaborative law process.

About Edward Cooke Family Law

Our law firm was founded by Edward Cooke, a specialist lawyer, collaborative lawyer and accredited family mediator and child mediator.

Beginning his career at a prestigious legal firm in London, Edward has worked for over 20 years as a specialist family lawyer in the South of England. When you require help and advice on family law in Petersfield, Midhurst, Petworth, Storrington and Pulborough, the team he leads will be there to provide it. These services will be carried out by expert family lawyers and mediators practicing from our firm’s offices in Brighton and Hove; Chichester; Chilgrove; and Petersfield.

Edward is also a National Committee member of Resolution. This is a nationwide organisation of over 6,500 qualified professionals, committed to the promotion of good practices in all aspects of family law. He also chairs Resolution’s Training and Learning Committee, helping to develop and deliver certified training to family law experts based across the UK.

We do not restrict our services to the South of England alone. Our team offers advice and support to people across the country, as well as overseas, and we have established close ties to respected family law firms and professionals in London and further afield.

We are passionate about the services we provide for our clients and believe in the benefits of collaborative law and mediation. This is particularly prominent in our practices, as every case we work on has its paramount focus on the needs of any children in the family. Bearing this in mind, we work with you and thoroughly discuss every option from the very beginning.

Although our first commitment is to exploring options for non-court resolutions, if it is discovered that acting through the family court is in the best interests of both you and your children, we will undertake this work firmly and professionally.

No matter what route you decide on when resolving your case, we will be there to support and help you in the most practical, professional manner. The advice and assistance we provide will be thorough, carried out with care and conducted with the sensitivity your individual circumstances deserve.

We also believe in providing a clear understanding of the financial costs involved with legal services, as stressful situations and changing conditions can often become overwhelming. This is why we provide legal advice which is not only ‘London quality’ but is also cost-effective in terms of your budget. Our pricing options include a fixed-fee divorce service.

We have discreet and spacious offices in the heart of the South Downs, in Chilgrove, near Chichester, within easy reach of clients in Petersfield, Midhurst, Petworth, Storrington and Pulborough who are seeking family law and divorce advice and representation. We also meet family law and mediation clients at our serviced offices in Chichester and Petersfield, by appointment.

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