The Edward Cooke Family Law team, which is established across West and East Sussex and beyond, supports clients in Worthing with the full range of not only specialist family, divorce and collaborative legal services but also family and child mediation.

Local expertise

Edward Cooke Family Law specialises in supporting families in the Worthing area in handling matters upon separation and divorce.

Our expertise means we can offer our clients help across the full range of family and divorce-related circumstances, extending from resolving financial issues to managing arrangements for your children when you separate or divorce.

This also extends to providing assistance to people undergoing the breakdown of cohabiting relationships and the preparation of cohabitation agreements as well as pre-nuptial agreements.

A conversation with a lawyer from Edward Cooke Family Law does not mean separation or divorce is inevitable. On the other hand, should you be unable to reconcile, you can rest assured that we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Our goal is to tailor-make how you can best move forwards following the ending of your relationship and to collaborate with other family law professionals as necessary to attain the ideal solution for the family.

Our goal is to ensure that you are supported from start to finish, however testing this period of your life may be. We appreciate that we all have unique circumstances, and our aim is to offer family law expertise that reflects this.

Our support for you

Everyone at Edward Cooke Family Law is devoted to supporting our clients and their families in Worthing with family law advice that settles their issues constructively and respectfully and, insofar as children are concerned, pays careful attention to their needs and best interests.

Our many years of experience of all manner of family work means we provide a full family law service, including negotiation, mediation, collaboration, arbitration and the court process so that you obtain the best possible for you and your children.

We are proud that we can resolve matters without recourse to the court. That said, when on occasion it may be necessary to resort to court proceedings, our team is highly skilled in handling whatever family law proceedings arise.

Our clients are supported in resolving financial issues, dealing with child arrangements on divorce or separation and charting a path upon relationship breakdown in cohabiting relationships. Our expertise also includes preparing cohabitation agreements and pre-nuptial agreements, as well as support for those who have undergone domestic abuse.

Our specialist financial expertise embraces high-net-worth and ‘big money’ cases, such as those relating to business assets, substantial pensions and trusts.

Where young people are concerned, we are highly skilled in handling complex private law children cases, such as cases with an international component, as well as surrogacy and same-sex couples.

In addition, we are proud of our dedicated family mediation service. As part of this, we are well prepared to meet children in the mediation process. We also work closely with other family law professionals throughout the mediation and collaborative law process.

Above all, because of the emphasis in all cases on what is best for any children in a family, we are deeply committed to providing collaborative law and mediation and ensure we examine what is best for you and your family from the very beginning.

Our background

The firm was set up by specialist lawyer, collaborative lawyer and experienced and accredited family mediator and child mediator Edward Cooke, who has worked on the South Coast for over two decades, having trained at a magic circle firm in London. Edward and the rest of the team of specialist family lawyers practice in Chichester, Brighton and Hove, Chilgrove and Petersfield.

Edward is a National Committee member of Resolution, the nationwide association of nearly 7000family law professionals dedicated to good practice in every element of family law. He also heads its Training and Learning Committee, which provides certified training to family law professionals throughout the UK.

Today, thanks to our connections with some of the most reputable family law professionals in London, across the UK and overseas, we assist people not only from the South Coast but also from much further afield.

However you choose to proceed, we are dedicated to helping you in a hands-on, practical manner and with great care and sensitivity to your individual circumstances.

When you are going through changes, we understand the need to clearly understanding what costs are likely to be incurred. Our ‘London-quality’ service is cost-effective, with pricing options which include a fixed-fee divorce service.

With offices in Brighton and Hove and in Chichester, both close to Worthing, we are ideally placed to help clients in Worthing with divorce and family law issues.

Contact us

To find out more, please get in touch with us on 01243 769001, email info@ecfamilylaw.co.uk or fill in our call-back request form aside.

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