Consensus: our one couple, one lawyer approach

26 May 2023
Edward Cooke Family Law - Consensus. One Couple. One Lawyer.

We are delighted to offer Consensus as a solution for couples who wish to resolve issues arising from their separation jointly and amicably, using the same lawyer.

What is special about Consensus?

Consensus is delivered by Edward Cooke and Lauren Guy, both experienced family law solicitors, mediators and collaborative lawyers, who are specially trained in our Consensus approach. 

Following Resolution’s “Resolution Together” model they are uniquely placed to help couples approach separation in this collaborative way, using one lawyer. 

Some key benefits of Consensus include:

  • Your Consensus lawyer will be a highly skilled lawyer mediator 
    Unlike some “one couple, one lawyer” services, Consensus is delivered only by experienced, qualified family lawyer mediators who are experts in helping couples safely reach an agreement together in mediation and other non-court environments.

  • Family Consultancy support
    Divorce is an emotional journey too. We recognise this, so couples using Consensus have access to support throughout the Consensus journey from a Family Consultant, who is a qualified couple counsellor.

  • Consensus is part of our suite of out-of-court resolution services
    Consensus is not for every couple. It is, however, fully integrated with our other out-of-court resolution services such as mediation, collaborative law and solicitor-supported negotiation, so if Consensus is not for you, you can move seamlessly into another out-of-court route.

  • Consensus is a bespoke, tailored approach
    Every separation is different. Consensus provides flexibility – while you will only have one Consensus lawyer, if additional support from another professional such as a Financial Neutral or Early Neutral Evaluator may help the couple reach a resolution, this support can be brought in.

  • Transparent, pay-as-you-go pricing structure
    Consensus is a fully transparent, pay-as-you-go model. This means you know exactly what you are paying for as you travel through the Consensus journey.

  • Consensus leads seamlessly to final agreement
    Your Consensus Lawyer will draft up any final agreement by way of a Consent Order for approval by a judge. Where there are discussions over children issues, a court is often not required but a Parenting Plan can be prepared by your Consensus Lawyer. 

Separating amicably: one couple, one lawyer

Consensus provides a solution for the many couples who wish to reach agreement around their divorce or separation constructively and amicably, without the typically more adversarial court route. 

We recognise that every couple and every separation is unique, and that our approach needs to mirror this. Our specialist lawyers will recommend the right approach for your specific situation. 

To learn more about Consensus, visit our Consensus page or download our Consensus brochure. Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help.