How can I co-parent with my ex? “Parenting through separation”, a new guide for parents

17 November 2021
Parenting through separation  - putting your children first

Edward Cooke shines a light on a new step-by-step guide from Resolution designed to support all separating parents - 'Parenting through separation - putting your children first'.

How can I co-parent with my ex?

One of the key questions we encounter when we meet a new client for advice or mediation is: “How can I parent my children with someone I no longer love? Or, in some cases, can’t face even seeing?”

This is no surprise, given that, for many people, going through a separation or divorce throws up all sorts of difficult emotions. Indeed, even the thought of dealing with one’s ex-partner over child arrangements can be completely overwhelming.

Fortunately, help is now at hand thanks to ‘Parenting through separation – putting your children first’, the recently-published guide by the Parenting after Parting Committee of Resolution, the nationwide organisation of family law professionals.

As one of the guide’s co-authors, Edward said it has been created to help parents navigate their way through what is often a very daunting and frightening period in their lives.

He said: “Parents are not only having to cope with their own emotions at a very difficult time, but are also having to support those of their children - not to mention the ramifications in terms of what a financial settlement might look like.

“Whilst good family law professionals provide helpful early advice and support to their clients in relation to how best to manage things for their children, we recognised the need for a high-quality guide which parents can easily access in their own time, to help them and their children through the separation process.”

Parenting through separation - putting your children first

The ‘Parenting through separation’ guide helps parents every step of the way through their parenting journey - through separation, divorce and beyond.

The guide looks at children’s reactions to separation; how best to hear the voice of children; how parents can most effectively help children; and how they can communicate with one another.

It also highlights on the types of disputes which can arise between separating parents, as well as the processes parents can access to help resolve such issues. In addition, it examines possible future challenges, from new relationships to step parents, blended families and what might happen when children get older.

Edward said Resolution’s Parenting after Parting Committee wrote the guide during Lockdown in 2020 and, above all, wanted to help people find a constructive way forward at whatever stage they were at in their journey as a separated parent, “I hope it will be an invaluable resource for many parents in the years to come.”

A resource for all parents 

Edward said the committee’s next task is to ensure the guide reaches as many parents as possible. “We are encouraging our members to provide the guide to their clients.

“We’re also looking at other ways of getting the booklet to as many separating families as possible; ultimately, the more parents have access to this helpful information, the more children will benefit.”

Please access your free pdf of the guide on the Resolution website.

Parenting through separation - putting your children first