Edward Cooke Family Law supports Family Mediation Week 2022

21 January 2022

Edward Cooke Family Law have been delighted to support Family Mediation Week 2022.

Family Mediation Week is an annual event run by the Family Mediation Council, the umbrella organisation for national family mediation organisations in England and Wales, including Resolution, a nationwide organisation of family justice professionals.

The 2022 event ran from 17th to 21st January 2022. Through the course of the week there were a range of events including webinars and a speech from the President of the Family Division. The aim of the week was to raise awareness of family mediation and of the benefits it can bring to separating families.

Edward Cooke Family Law has a dedicated mediation service with three mediators in its ranks, Edward Cooke, Michelle Lewis (both based in Chilgrove, near Chichester) and Lauren Guy (based in Brighton and Hove).

Edward, Michelle and Lauren assist dozens of separating families each year in mediation. In addition, all members of the team assist many clients in the mediation process by giving legal advice alongside mediation.

One of the important aspects of mediation is that both parties in the mediation process should have the opportunity to independent legal advice. We are therefore frequently called upon not only to mediate with regard to a wide range of family law issues (in relation to finances and children) but also to give legal advice alongside mediation.

For more information about Edward Cooke Family Law’s mediation services please visit our mediation pages here.