Supporting Family Mediation Week

22 January 2024
Family Mediation Week 2024

To support couples considering mediation as an approach to resolving issues arising from a relationship breakdown, our family mediation flowchart provides a useful overview of the key features of the main mediation models, including:

Our hope is that this resource will allow people who are considering mediation to understand the model that will work best for them and their individual family situation.

Download the resource here: Family Mediation Flow Chart

For more information on our family mediation services, view our mediation pages, view our blog ‘Everything you need to know about mediation’, or if you need further advice or information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our specialist family law solicitors and mediators

At Edward Cooke Family Law, we are pleased to offer a dedicated mediation service at our Chilgrove (near Chichester), Brighton & Hove, central Chichester and Petersfield offices, as well as online. Our qualified and experienced mediators, Edward Cooke, Michelle Lewis, Lauren Guy and Hannah Rogers help many families each year through family mediation, alongside the full range of family law services we provide.